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problem statement

Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel & Conference Center surprises airport travelers first with its peculiar shape, resembling a cruise boat among planes, and then with its excellent service on the 200+ soundproofed rooms and business center. 

HUB Parking installation Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel & Conference CenterJust a few steps away from the plane runways, it is the only hotel built directly inside Terminal 2 of the International Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, making it possible for travelers to walk straight from their plane into a warm and welcoming environment or vice versa, have a rest right before departing on their journey. Furthermore, just a few meters away from the hotel there is a high-speed train station, which generates a large influx of passengers.

The hotel features an underground parking, which is accessible through a roadway ramp connecting the highway with the hotel properties. Until 2017, the parking lot was equipped with a rather simple set of peripherals, which proved to be undersized with respect to the volume of hundreds of vehicles per day.

The system could no longer meet the requirements of the hotel management to offer guests a flawless and safe access to their parking facilities, as well as an improved management of the daily operations by the parking staff.


In addition to stunning views of the plane runways, and the spectacular annual Paris Air Show, the unique position of the Sheraton Airport hotel right inside of CDG Terminal 2 determines its strategic convenience for a wide variety of guests: ranging from business travelers who enjoy the hotel fully equipped conference facilities, international travelers who take the chance to live the Parisian life straight after landing, and airlines staff - over 12,500 crew members stayed at the Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel in 2016.

Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel & Conference CenterAccordingly, guests might reach the hotel either from the roadway access or from the airport terminal and require a safe and seamless access to the hotel parking. At the same time, was mandatory to install a security and control system in the exit spaces in order to guarantee the user’s payment and protect the revenues consequently. In this case, HUB chose a SAS interblock or double barrier system allocated at the exit. This technology locks the vehicle between the two barriers, hence the system can check if everything is in order before the user’s departure.

A professional, intuitive guidance to the parking lots was therefore mandatory in order to offer travelers the best journey experience right from the very entry lane, thus ensuring an excellent level of service and satisfaction.

The upgrade of the old systems also offered the possibility to integrate the parking stations with smart technologies such as License Plate reading devices (LPR) that allow drivers a quicker access and exit, while simplifying the daily operations for the staff.

client requirements

  • Advanced management software for remote monitoring
  • A comprehensive and straightforward system, easy to manage by the hotel staff 
  • Reliable and robust system that reduces the downtime and increases the revenues from the car park
  • Full IP integration of peripherals, cameras and  intercom (VoIP) over Ethernet 
  • In-Lane License Plate Recognition (LPR) to fasten the vehicles’ access and exit, prevent ticket fraud and enable the search for specific license plates
  • Intuitive and smart guidance system 
  • Maintenance service able to intervene on short notice seven days a week through Horus Park 
  • Intercoms in every peripheral for timely, and more efficient customer support 
  • Interblock SAS system to protect revenues


HUB developed the ideal parking solution for the Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel: a scalable, flexible system that combines minimum maintenance and administrative labor, with streamlined operations, ultimately relieving the parking staff from time-consuming tasks. To meet these requirements, HUB had developed an easy to use and maintain total solution leveraging on the industry-proven reliability of ParQube systems and their swift integration with LPR technology.

HUB Parking Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel & Conference CenterHUB Parking Technology implemented the entire set of new peripherals through the local contractor Horus Park, the business unit of Groupe Horus specialized in the field of vehicle access, parking and circulation. Horus technical team assisted HUB along the installation process, and will be in charge of the access system maintenance, putting into practice over 30 years of experience.

Upon installation, HUB was promptly assigned an annual maintenance contract, supported remotely by HUB staff and locally operated through Horus Park. The maintenance contract is fully comprehensive of spare parts and call-out agreement: such a forward-looking assistance service empowers the hotel management to run the whole facility smoothly and continuously, maximizing the life and performance of the system and supporting the guests who might need assistance.

The equipment installation was swiftly completed thanks to the onsite support provided by highly skilled staff and coordination with Horus, proving the flexibility and strength of HUB Parking Technology as a partner for professional parking projects in the hotel sector. The Sheraton Airport Hotel is now able to offer a high levelof service also outside the suites and rooms, providing africtionless parking experience and high satisfaction level.

“We chose HUB to renew the parking facility of the hotel at its best, and to ensure the most satisfactory completion of the journey to our guests. Several factors make the management of the spaces extremely flexible and efficient: the ease of use and monitoring, the impeccable 24/7 support by HUB and Horus Park, and the integration with LPR technology. To top this off, all business data are available just a click away through the digital reporting feature, which makes it possible to respondto our guests as efficiently andtimely as possible. It’s really like adding another star to our hotel!” Management Team, Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel.

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