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problem statement

The management of parking areas in the Municipality of Negrar di Valpolicella is the pivot of a strategy to improve the quality of life and urban mobility, that was inaugurated in 2018. The project was entrusted to Padua-based company ABACO S.p.A., SmartCities division, with the task to design and apply an advanced turn-key management methodology for parking areas, regulating access by making it automated and easier, and finally ensuring regular profitability. All of this is accessible to the Municipality staff in real time from a single management tool, while offering end users a convenient app to pay for their parking in a smart way: 4Park app.

Abaco has coordinated the integration of three high-tech providers at the head of each sector of intervention: parking meters, smart occupancy sensors, access automation - identifying HUB as the ideal partner for equipping the main parking area with peripherals, automatic paystations and barriers: hence the installation in Piazzale Perez.


The municipality of Negrar is located in the heart of the Veronese Valpolicella, and it is a site of interest for natural, culinary and wine tourism. In addition to a prestigious wine-making heritage, it is known for the red marble quarries of Verona and for the Sacro Cuore Don Calabria hospital, which is a local excellence and a health reference point for the entire region.

Negrar di Valpolicella ItalyEvery day, the inhabitants of the town and occasional visitors reach and move across the center of the town, looking for a fast and safe parking. Over time, the constant flow of vehicles has caused congestion on the streets, especially during peak traffic times, which did not automatically convert into good profitability for the municipality because of the low rotation of the stalls occupancy; they were not under full control. The Municipality of Negrar wanted to improve access to both on-street and off-street parking areas, indicating the available stalls, allowing staff to manage all areas in real time, thus ensuring a responsive and satisfactory customer service.

With the new system - which provides, for example, the first half hour of free parking on some streets, parking up to one hour free for expectant mothers, passes and subscriptions - the City wants to facilitate the use of paid parking, which has a total of 366 bays, of which 23 free of charge and reserved for people with disabilities. In addition, Negrar will continue to guarantee the availability of 430 free parking spaces in the areas adjacent to the historic centre and the Sacro Cuore Don Calabria hospital.

client requirements

  • automated parking system with barrier, reliable and scalable over time 
  • complete remote control of peripherals thanks to JMS, advanced management software with an extremely intuitive interface 
  • management of customizable transit tickets and subscriptions, with the option to renew them                                                                                                        
  • bilateral integration with the parking meter management software, in communication with 4Park app  
  • diversified payment methods, both cash and electronic, including credit card, NFC to satisfy the most varied cases of use
  • integration with the cameras to verify the stalls occupancy in real time
  • maintenance contract including spare parts, maintenance visits and remote assistance
  • clear and comprehensive sign posts of the parking areas including occupancy indicators, ready for future integration into a mobility information network 
  • measurable improvement of the usability and rotation of parking areas


Among the strategic objectives of the radical renewal in the management of car parks, the first is the improvement of the quality of life in the areas challenged by higher transit in the Municipality, giving the staff punctual and dynamic control of the paid stalls.

Negrar di Valpolicella HUB Parking ParQube peripheralsHUB focused on the off-street parking section by automating the area of Piazzale Perez with entry and exit peripherals, PRO barriers and two paystations complete with pinpad and NFC, managing a total of 132 stalls. The installation scheduled for October 2018 was completed two weeks in advance, allowing the Municipality to implement the new parking management plan as quickly as possible, earlier than planned. 
To date, the parking area in Piazzale Perez is dedicated to mixed use, i.e. for occasional drivers (daily visitors) and subscribers; in particular, it is able to ensure constant profitability to the Municipality thanks to the ease of use of the parking system, and the efficient automation of the access. 
The peripheral technology also allows for the timely and regular communication of all data related to the performance of the car park: in fact, HUB’s management software JMS communicates in two-way mode with Traffic Studio, the Input data concentrator, which manages the parking meters and all payment transactions both on-street and off-street. Communication is enabled by JMS External Services, which interfaces in real time with the parking system. 
Since the initial phase of specification of the automated barrier system project, HUB has put in place the project management and collaboration skills that are the flagship of the Italian branch, which has central offices in Cologno Monzese and technical intervention capabilities throughout the country. To complete the offer tailored around the requests of the Municipality, HUB has created variable message signs and clear indicators of occupancy, that are updated in real time thanks to JMS.    
The system will allow the Municipality of Negrar to manage the parking in a safe and controlled way and to scale in the future with further elements of innovation, always in line with the philosophy of smart cities

Negrar di Valpolicella Italy

"“We are proud to operate in Negrar di Valpolicella, and we are working very well with the municipal administration. The creation of a modern Smart City to which we are now called, where the most advanced technologies are at the service of citizens and public authorities, aims to improve the quality of life in a tangible way.  
Some of the high-tech solutions that we have chosen are already becoming good practices for the industry and a point of reference for the development of similar projects
says Franco Rossetto, Director at Abaco S.p.A.

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