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problem statement

Mercure La Grande Arche Hotel features an underground parking lot divided into three areas: the main area is at disposal of the hotel guests, a second is allocated to the staff while the third portion is available for external users, namely employees working nearby. 

Due to the blatant defectiveness, hence inefficiency of the previous system, the parking lot remained open most of the time, allowing everyone to freely access and park vehicles without applying any control nor fees. This unpleasant situation caused loss of revenue for the hotel, a lower satisfaction level of the guests and overall reduced daily turnover. Thanks to the collaboration with HUB Parking Technology, these issues were solved and the Mercure Hotel can now offer a parking solution that lives up to the Hotel excellence.


Located away from the bustle of the French capital, the Mercure La Defense Grande Arche Hotel offers smooth access to the most renowned tourist attractions in Paris. Thanks to the public transport conveniently nearby: the Champs Elysees is only 10 minutes away by RER. The property offers accommodation a few steps from the buzzing business district of La Defense. 

In fact on weekdays, the hotel is largely frequented by business travelers who are eager to secure their vehicles in a safe, private parking area. 

A flawless parking experience is fundamental to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction to business guests, and assure them that they will always be able to park their car. 

As the Mercure Hotel is an upscale establishment, its management wanted to offer their guests a high quality service from the very first entrance to the hotel premises.

The property has found a reliable partner in HUB Parking Technology able to provide parking solutions matching the hotel’s high excellence levels, further establishing it as premier-class accommodation when travelling to Paris.

client requirements

  • Mercure La Grande Arche Hotel parking HUBAn intuitive and straightforward parking system that could be managed by the hotel staff 
  • Reliable system that reduces the downtime and increases the revenues from the car park 
  • Maintenance service able to intervene on short notice 5 days a week 
  • An easy to use management system that is remotely accessible 24/7 
  • Fraud prevention functionalities embedded in the system and in the management software 
  • Intercoms in every peripheral for timely, more efficient customer support 


With its rich experience and expertise in managing access to parking areas, HUB Parking Technology is able to provide parking systems that can adapt to small sites as well as larger footprint installations. 

Mercure La Grande Arche Hotel barrier and peripheral HUB ParkingAt the Mercure Hotel La Defense Grande Arche, HUB Parking has also installed its software, JMS – Janus Management System, a fully scalable and customizable solution which has been tailored to reflect Mercure requests. JMS provides advanced analytics for real-time viewing occupancy of the parking and analytical reporting to regularly oversee the parking lot performances. Furthermore, the management of the hotel can now access the data provided by the software anywhere and anytime, as well as easily monitor the equipment and support the customers who might need assistance. 

The Mercure Defense installation is an excellent example of the adaptability of our parking solutions. All of the entry and exit lanes as well as the payment station are monitored through the software and equipped with intercoms for a better customer experience. 

Mercure La Grande Arche Hotel ParQube installation HUB ParkingThe HUB solution has managed to increase the revenue of the parking lot, and it is now profitable, reliable and easier to use and maintain. Additionally, it boasts improved fraud prevention thanks to a system that is able to register customers exiting and entering the parking lot even when a raised barrier is necessary due to maintenance or temporary failure. 

HUB Parking Technology has once again proved to be an accountable partner to solve every signi cant challenge in the parking system.

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