Terminal One at Mediopadana Railway Station

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problem statement

HUB van at mediopadanaHUB Parking Technology has implemented a comprehensive management system for Terminal One Parking, near the Mediopadana AV high-speed train station in Reggio Emilia, northern Italy.
Opened in April 2022, the facility is the result of an investment by the eponymous private company Terminal One: it is a new 1,300-space parking lot that will bring the total number of parking spaces at the station to more than 2,400 with an access control system, video surveillance and adequate street lighting.
Those who travel by high-speed train have equally high expectations regarding the efficiency of services and their quality: to better serve the always-connected passengers,
Terminal One turned to HUB Italia.


Terminal One is the state-of-the-art facility at Reggio Emilia’s AV Mediopadana station, designed for travelers and commuters on the Milan-Bologna High Speed Train. The station, operated by Ferrovie Emilia Romagna, is recognizable from afar by its grandiose sail-shaped structure designed by world-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava.
Thousands of commuters and travelers make the station the starting or ending point of their journey, thus creating a constant flow of vehicles near the structure.
The existing parking area needed significant expansion and upgrading in terms of ticket management, digital availability, and overall accessibility.

client requirements

  • Contactless configurations to increase traveler safety
  • Mobile app for booking, access, and payment
  • LPR camera-based entry and exit
  • Integration with variable message signs (VMS) and Telepass
  • Automated pay stations for digital, contactless NFC, ApplePay and GooglePay payments
  • Stations with integrated VOIP video intercom
  • Customized reporting to facilitate advanced analysis and provide information to users
  • Remote troubleshooting and support
  • Modular and scalable system, to accommodate future upgrades and expansions
  • Staff training program on new technology and management system


Three parking areas are available to travelers: P4 (Smart), P5 (Business ), P6 (Club). They charge different rates, depending on the distance from the station  entrance and the services offered. All areas are set up to offer EV electric charging at each individual stall, in anticipation of growing hybrid and electric vehicle traffic.

exit lane with Jupiter devices and barriers at Terminal OneAccess to Terminal One is intuitive and fast, thanks to infomobility signs with variable message (VMS) that direct drivers to the nearest of the 5 entrance lanes. The Jupiter system on this facility includes stations with integrated VOIP video intercom, license plate reading with LPR cameras, Telepass access, as well as 2 pay stations set up for digital, NFC contactless, ApplePay, and GooglePay payments. Of the 10 lanes, 2 are dedicated to the flow of motorcycles, thanks to an additional loop, which detects with a conductive detector the transit of a motorcycle or scooter, so as to automatically apply a different fare from that of cars and vans. The exit lanes are equipped with standard peripherals that accept debit and credit card payments, via pin pad, to give users even more choice and flexibility.
Customers can reserve their parking space in advance via the new JPass Terminal One Parking App and its website, eliminating the stress of searching for a space on the day of travel. The app also allows customers to exit the parking lot without touching the peripherals: cars exit by reading license plates, or by simply showing the QR code confirming payment at the barrier.
The parking app fully embodies the Terminal One brand and is powered by JPass: a mobile solution available for HUB systems that is fully integrated with JMS and offers seat reservation services to end customers. For Terminal One, JMS management software gives staff full control of operations: transactions via mobile app, dynamic pricing schemes, device status monitoring, and, of course, occupancy and traffic flows.

« The choice of HUB was dictated by the company’s desire to rely on a partner of international standing in its field of expertise, capable of guaranteeing Terminal One Parking the most innovative technologies that the market can offer at present. By choosing HUB, we decided not only to guarantee our users a service of excellence in the daily management of operations, but also to project our structure into the future thanks to the continuous investments that HUB supports for the improvement of technological and IT solutions for the benefit of us managers and our customers ».
Guido Prati, President of Terminal One Parking S.p.A.

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