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For parking operators, digital platforms and flexible services offer the unique opportunity to meet the ever-increasing safety requirements within their facilities ...immediately.
Not only shall the parking experience become as touch-free as possible, it must also offer absolute ease of access, autonomy, and varied options for drivers to select the service that actually meets their needs, hence alleviate the stress of parking.

Adopt the modular, advanced technologies that make your operations efficient and sustainable now! The digital transformation will position your business for long-term success, and help you overcome today’s challenges.

JMS Janus Management System

JMS Janus Management System is HUB's Web based Parking Management System. This advanced software solution allows you to manage, control, and optimize the operations of multiple parking locations from a single source with an extremely intuitive user interface.


JPass Mobile App

Enable contactless parking for you and for your customers. The transformation of your car park into a digitally-enabled facility can take many forms, and build up on the existing systems. Access through mobile is a must!


J4M Merchant

As a parking operator or a local merchant, you can reward your customers’ purchases easily and quickly with the J4M Merchant app: turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful validation unit, and simplify operations!

  • LPR Technology

    LPR technology allows the identification and the flawless access of vehicles to car parks. The license plate serves as a virtual ticket, and grants free-flow access.
    LPR can be easily retrofitted on existing systems, accelerating the digitalization of the car park.

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  • Long-distance Readers

    As highly trafficked car parks choose Ground Transportation System (GTS) to provide high security and maximum ease of access, they also need responsive facility management software and devices onboard all vehicles, such as AVI transponders and proximity cards to ensure the provision of safe, comfortable, easy-to-use, and efficient service.

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  • NFC Payment

    The NFC payment method is a touch-free solution for automatic pay stations, that eliminates a touchpoint: it allows the user to just tap the card in front of an EMV reader, in order to enact the payment. This method comes with the same degree of security of a chip, and definitely makes transactions quicker.

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  • Ticketless Solutions

    Digitalization changed the way of interacting with products and services, and changed customers’ expectations too. Enable a seamless parking experience for your visitors thanks to a comprehensive set of ticketless solutions, and improve your operations’ efficiency by saving time and resources.

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