Credit Card Payments at central or exit pay stations

A pay on foot parking system is a convenient, reliable and flexible solution for many businesses.

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A pay on foot (POF) parking system is a convenient, reliable and flexible solution for many businesses. Rather than paying for a ticket and calculating how many hours the driver will need on arrival and displaying the ticket on the windscreen of the car, this type of system involves drivers walking to the pay station to pay before returning to their vehicle to exit the site.


How does Credit Card Payments work?

The Credit Card Only Pay on Foot (POF) is a cashless version, customer-friendly and easy-to-use station that accepts payment by credit card only. It is ideal for installations where car park operators wish to offer increased customer convenience while reducing the costs associated with cash handling.

The solution is effective and reliable, based on very straightforward principles: on entry, often via an automatic barrier, the customer receives a ticket with a barcode. This ticket is then fed into the machine when the driver is ready to leave the car park, so the length of time the customer has used the car park is instantly calculated. The customer is then accordingly presented with the correct fee. After the payment has been made, the payment machine will issue a ticket that will enable them to exit the car park. 

Options are available to accept magnetic credit cards or Chip & PIN transactions (subject to certification in specific countries).


Why choosing Credit Card Payments?

This simple self-enforcing system is equally beneficial for the car park owner/operator and for the end users. The main benefit for operators relies in the reduction in staff requirements and equipment maintenance, compared to the older ‘Pay and Display’ systems. A major factor of convenience for drivers is the complete control over the amount of time they decide to use the car park: as a result, customer experience is more comfortable.

As an additional feature, the Credit Card Only pay-on-foot system  is also available with the advanced Barcode Voucher reading discount ticket system; this allows operators to plan for validations and discount programs, which in turn are proved to ensure more customer loyalty. The solution caters for all operators as it is able to accept payment for parking tickets, lost tickets and allows customers to reload value cards.

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