Broadwalk Mall, Nairobi

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problem statement

In an era where retail experiences hinge on convenience, security, and seamless technology integration, Broadwalk Mall stands at the pivotal point of transformation. As a cornerstone of Nairobi’s top-tier retail destinations, the shopping mall recognize the need to adapt its security measures to align with evolving customer expectations and contemporary threats. The goal was to introduce future-proof automated parking technology without disrupting the shopping experience that customers have come to appreciate, while simultaneously enhancing security and efficiency to provide a more integrated approach.  

The new connected parking technology would set the Mall apart from the competition, making it a popular destination for shoppers, staff, and tenants alike.


parking system Jupiter entry lane at Broadwalk Mall in NairobiNestled in the dynamic Westlands area of Nairobi, Kenya, Broadwalk Mall provides unparalleled shopping experiences, entertainment, and exclusive events. From gourmet dining to opulent hotel-serviced apartments and delightful evenings at the cinema, Broadwalk is a significant hub for what’s new and exciting in the city.  
The parking infrastructure at Broadwalk Mall spans three underground levels featuring 5 lanes, 2 payment points, and a total of 363 parking spaces. Since late 2022, HUB Parking management systems have been installed at Broadwalk Mall following its collaboration with RIANA Group, a longstanding partner of HUB Parking in East Africa, with parking projects ranging from commercial buildings to residential and urban locations. 

client requirements

  • Simplified access for mall visitors, staff, and residents 
  • Streamlined and efficient parking system with Jupiter and JMS management software
  • Integration with License Plate Recognition technology  
  • Automation capability for key processes 
  • Rigorous measures for vehicle entry control 
  • Robust and modular devices, enabling a truly future-proof investment
  • Spike barriers for extra security
  • Overall better organized environment 


Broadwalk Mall is effectively optimizing the parking experience for over 1,200 drivers daily. By implementing rigorous vehicle entry control measures with barriers and spike barriers, the mall has enhanced security and minimized the risk of unauthorized access. The mall’s commitment to seamless parking, security, and innovation has streamlined operations, leading to an improved experience characterized by minimal vehicular traffic flow and reduced wait times. 
Thanks to the collaboration with RIANA Group and their efforts to accelerate the adoption of smart parking solutions in Africa, we have assisted Broadwalk Mall in addressing not only its security challenges but also in elevating the overall shopping experience.

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