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Comfortable and intuitive parking solutions for residential areas and cities

The urban agglomeration is constantly growing. Following to the rising population in the cities also the demand of parking spaces is on the focus.

More and more urban spaces entrust HUB’s solutions to offer both residents and employees of neighboring commercial activities the smoothest parking experience.

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In residential areas the most critical challenge is to provide proper availability of parking spaces, which may vary from one city to another, between different areas within a city, and from one hour to the next. As the number of vehicles multiplies, learn how to adapt the urban spaces’ parking facilities to meet the demand!

  • HUB Parking Technology provides attractive contactless and hands free access solutions to easily park the car at home. This access media is not only extremely comfortable for frequent parking but also time-efficient in use: arrive, park, and relax in security. Discover JPASS!
  • Transform the car park into a digitally-enabled facility by simply upgrading the existing parking system with ticketless solutions, that encompass camera-based entry, online payments, bookings, and car flows optimization. Discover our Digital Services!

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  • Gain the highest level of security over the entire parking asset: our solutions provide the maximum control on entry/exit vehicles. You can manage the parking asset with peace of mind by collecting a considerable yet valuable amount of data: thanks to our license plates’ monitoring solution! Explore our LPR!
  • Grant the smoothest parking experience thanks to a wide range of flawless third-party integrations with other touchpoints of the journey, such as the surveillance camerasaccess control and smart occupancy sensors, among others. 
  • Mixed-use residential buildings that host different environments such as private dwellings, offices, and commercial activities, demand flexible parking solutions and configurations. HUB’s parking system is adaptable to any requirements and it can be optimized for specific targets, passes and subscription. Explore JMS!

Our parking solutions for modern residential areas were chosen by several facilities all over the world. Check them out!

More and more urban spaces rely on HUB’s solutions to offer both residents and employees the smoothest parking experience.

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Daily traffic jams, higher security, and more flexibility are good reasons for moving into the city. Following to the rising population in the residential areas the demand of parking spaces, as well as comfortable and intuitive parking experiences are on the focus.

Quality, long-lasting and reliable products and services are the natural consequence of HUB’s 100 years of know-how in the industry. Drivers can count on a handy and dependable combination of software and hardware solutions for a total hassle-free parking experience!

Grant an even smoother parking experience thanks to a wide range of flawless third-party integrations with other touchpoints of the journey.

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There are a great variety of residential areas, each of them requiring tailored solutions to adapt their parking sites for the best usability and functioning. Tell us about your urban specifications, we will help you win this challenge!

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