Contract Parking (Monthlies)

There are parking facilities that are accessed by the same parkers daily: think about municipalities and business centers. The easiest solution to manage traffic is through contract parking.

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Of all automated parking facilities, many are accessed by the same parkers on a daily basis. Think about city garages and municipality parking lots, where residents park in the evening and leave the spot the following morning to go to work, to then come back in the evening. And so on for at least five days per week. What about business centers, where employees park every day from 9am to 5pm?

The easiest solution for such facilities is contract parking.


How does contract parking work?

First of all, parkers buy a contract for a period of time (e.g. week, month, year) and are allowed to access using a card, a proximity card, hands free AVI or by LPR. Parkers use the contract card to enter and exit the car park: no ticket is required. If needed, it is possible to extend the contract at pay stations and through the mobile app.

Contract parking is a great option for parkers that often access the same parking facility: they drive in and out of the car park as often as they wish at a fixed monthly price. They will not waste time at automatic cash machines for the payment, nor searching for a free stall past the parking gates.


Why choosing contract parking?

Contract parking does not lack in benefits for parking facilities either, being based on a contract. The customers can drive in and out of the car park as often as they wish at a fixed monthly price. The most advanced parking operators are able to offer a large variety of products: prepaid, per usage, time-based, in order to cater for all categories of recurring parkers.

In addition, expired cards are automatically blocked, and the system records all entry and exit transactions, securing safety and control over the parking facility. Finally, no more waste of time at the automatic cash machines for the payment nor tiresome searching for a parking lot.

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