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problem statement

entrance hall at Melun SantepoleThe Seine-et-Marne Santépôle based in Melun is the reference healthcare facility in southern Île-de-France region, and it is composed of a public structure and a private clinic, Saint Jacques l’Ermitage, located in the same building complex. The ministry of Pubic health and Social Affairs validated the project in December 2013 and the hospital opened to the public in June 2018. The Santépôle was born out of a special cooperation between public and private health sectors, and it is a unique project in France because of its size and ambition. It implements all the medical, human and technical means available to it to provide the highest quality of patient care. With a capacity of 751 beds, it offers a health care service to the population of the region: emergencies, resuscitation, medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, geriatrics, medical imaging and laboratories. Every year, more than 600,000 cars and emergency vehicles access the Santépôle car park, visiting the hospital as well as the private clinic. Quick and easy access, at all times and in all cases, is fundamental.


car park view of the HUB system at Melun SantepoleFrom the earliest stages of the project, the aim of the Santépôle was to become the main establishment in the Seine-et-Marne Sud region, offering irreproachable health services not only to the city of Melun, but also to the surrounding area. Thanks to its strategic location on the outskirts of Melun, the facility is easily accessible by the A5 motorway and by public transport from the city center. Every day, more than 1,500 drivers access the hospital car park, which comprises ten different zones for a total of 1,650 parking spaces dedicated to drivers, several employees of the public hospital and the Saint Jean L’Ermitage Clinic. The Santépôle contacted CITEPARK, which is a subsidiary of the Fayat group, for the complete management of the parking areas. As a partner of HUB Parking Technology, Citepark was looking for a seamless, safe and hassle-free parking experience for patients, emergency vehicles and ambulances, and healthcare staff.

client requirements

  • Reliable and well-secured lane equipment and automated pay stations (total of 15 entries, 15 exits, 6 APS’s)
  • Flexible reporting for quick visualization of critical performance indicators
  • NFC contactless payment at exit terminals to avoid queues at pay stations
  • VoIP Intercom with customized priority management for 24/7 customer service, integrated in the software (JMS)
  • Fast and efficient access thanks to LPR system (30 cameras for license plate recognition)
  • Dedicated entrances for ambulances and emergency vehicles, recognized by LPR
  • LED VMS displays and guidance system for visitors and employees


aerial view of Santepole healthcase center and its advanced car park systemHUB Parking installed 36 Commend VOIp intercom systems directly connected to the JMS VOIp server, Asterisk. In order to better manage the requests, a different priority level was set for each zone of the car park. When the operator is not in the office, the call is automatically transferred to their device.
If the operator is not available, the call is routed to a second gateway. During the night, LinkView assists drivers via the intercom. JMS’ integrated VOIp is an innovative solution that not only allows the call to be directed to an operator on site - instead of to a remote call center - but also exempts the customer from having to purchase an external service, thus guaranteeing significant savings.
Thanks to HUB’s JMS management software, which provides advanced analysis and real-time reports, Santépôle management can easily access real-time parking data anytime and anywhere and remotely control the ten parking lots from a centralized control room. Staff have been trained accordingly, so that any potential problems related to missing tickets, subscriptions or license registrations can be quickly resolved.
Emergency access is regulated by LPR: the system recognizes all emergency vehicles and ambulances in the area that may require access to both emergency entrances.
When an emergency vehicle approaches the entrance from the main high-traffic road, the light automatically turns red for incoming traffic and allows the vehicle to access the emergency entrance area. This solution effectively manages traffic prioritization, reducing human effort and the risk of error. The system uses lighting and an infrared camera to take the image of the front or rear of the vehicle, and then an image processing software analyzes the images and extracts the license plate information.
VMS screens have been installed in the aisles to allow problem-free and stress-free use and access to the car parks. They easily guide drivers to the right car park: as each zone has a different tariff and usage, it was crucial to provide direct signals for orientation. 
Employee parking is regulated by badges: the system manages around 4,500 employee badges and entry is made possible by LPR cameras that provide access for registered vehicles. Parking areas for employees of public hospital and visitors are marked with different VMS displays.
The comprehensive maintenance service, provided by HUB, enables the hospital management to ensure the smooth operation of the hospital seems to be, maximizing the life and performance of the system, and enabling future integrations into JMS and other system management software upgrades.

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